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Dr. Zhu’s Life Story » Scalp Acupuncture for Stroke Recovery



Sep 12

Dr. Zhu’s Life Story

This video is about Dr. Mingqing Zhu’s life story. Dr. Zhu is the most successful and famous acupuncturist in North America. He’s probably the only acupuncturist who’s able to challenge the death in a hospital’s emergency room. He’s my mentor. He’s the one who opened door for me to the mystical world of acupuncture.
Zhu’s Scalp Acupuncture, the special acupuncture treatment method Dr. Zhu founded, is the main treatment method I’m using in my daily clinical practice. Since I came back from I finished Dr. Zhu’s first ZSA workshop, I’ve seen amazing results in my clinic.
Thousands of cheers for my respected mentor, Dr. Mingqing Zhu!

After 15 Million Needles – The Life Story of Dr Zhu 針灸神醫朱明清 from Liam Yan on Vimeo.

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