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FAQ » Scalp Acupuncture for Stroke Recovery


  • Do you use a specific scalp acupuncture technique?Zhu’s scalp acupuncture is the main technique we use in our clinic. It is a very efficient treatment which can bring remarkable and often immediate effects.
  • Do you use body acupuncture during treatment?Body points are rarely used for treatment because the patient’s movement will be affected when the needles are applied to the body points. But ear points and other body points might be needled depending on the circumstances.
  • How scalp acupuncture is usually applied?Patients receive scalp acupuncture treatment in a natural sitting or lying position. Very fine, short needles are inserted superficially. Patients will be instructed to follow some specific physical and breathing exercises, focusing energy on the target areas while the needles are manipulated.
  • How long is a typical treatment session?A treatment usually lasts 1 hour. Throughout the session, needles are manipulated 3 or more times. Needles can be retained in the scalp for 2 to 72 hours. Treatment periods are generally shorter for children.
  • How many treatments are usually needed to obtain results?In most cases, patients can feel improvement after the first treatment. These positive responses usually last 3-4 days. To sustain results, it’s often necessary to repeat the treatment. The frequency of treatment is determined by the acuteness and severity of the ailment. For acute conditions, daily treatments or 3-5 treatments per week is recommended. For chronic problems, 2 treatments per week may be enough.
  • Do scalp needles puncture into the brain?

No, your skull is very hard and offers adequate protection for your brain. Surgeons need an electric drill to perform a brain surgery. The needles we use for scalp acupuncture are very fine and flexible, only about 0.20-0.22mm thick. They are almost hair thin. A well trained acupuncturist knows to avoid needling into areas where the skull bones are removed or not closed, such as an infant’s fontanelle.

  • Do scalp needles cause bleeding or infection?

Although there is a network of rich blood vessels inside of the scalp, there are no large arteries within the treatment zones of Zhu’s Scalp Acupuncture. Therefore, bleeding is rare. If bleeding does happen, it’s very minimal and can be stopped easily by applying light pressure to the bleeding site.

  • Can scalp acupuncture worsen conditions?

No. In the worse scenario, you may not see any changes. But the treatment never worsens the condition.

  • Does scalp acupuncture hurt?

With super fine needles, Zhu’s Scalp Acupuncture treatment rarely causes any pain or discomfort. Patient may feel a little pinch during the needle insertion, or sense some tightness of the scalp when needles are kept at the treatment zones for a while.

  • How long is the rehabilitation program for stroke recovery, cerebral palsy and other central nervous system problems?

Each treatment course varies from 2-6 weeks, depending on the condition. Some chronic conditions require multiple treatment courses with break intervals. On average, each course of treatment consists of 10 treatment sessions.