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How does scalp acupuncture work? » Scalp Acupuncture for Stroke Recovery



Nov 13

How does scalp acupuncture work?

Every moment of the day, your brain’s neural synapses and pathways are altered as result of environmental, behavioral and neural changes. Brain activity associated with a given function can move to different locations as a result of everyday stimuli, brain damage or recovery. By stimulating the scalp with acupuncture needles, scalp acupuncture helps the brain rebuild new neural synapses and pathways to recover damaged functions faster. Combined with physio-therapy and other rehabilitation activities, scalp acupuncture can drastically speed up recovery for patients recovering from strokes, cerebral palsy, and central nervous system problems.

Brain is the most complex command centre in human body. It’s the boss of your body, mind and emotions. It controls about everything you do. It also busy analysing and processing all the signals received by your eyes, ears, mouth, nose, and skin ….. It has more than 100 billian nerve cells. Each cell connects to around 10,000 others. So the total connections in your brain is more than 1,000 trillian.

Through the central nervous and endocrine systems, the structural, metabolic, hormonal and energetic functions of the brain are accessible at specific areas of the scalp surface. By stimulating these reflex areas within the scalp, through special manipulation, we can regulate and harmonize the functional activities of the brain and body.
Each part of the brain has its own function. When one area is impaired/damaged, the impaired area can recover to a limited extent. In addition, by employing proper stimulation, other areas of the brain can compensate for the impaired area.
During the scalp acupuncture session, the proper stimulation is given to certain brain areas according to the patient’s condition. The needle stimulation works as a “wake up call” for the patient’s central nervous system to build new nerve connections using healthy nerve cells.

Western biomedical effects:

Scalp acupuncture triggers a series of biochemical reactions in the body, which can target certain body parts.

Meridians and body energy effects:

Scalp acupuncture can open energy blockage inside of the brain, rebalance the body’s energy, and reconnect meridian pathways from the brain to other body parts.

About the author

Carol Xu

I have been trained in the Traditional Chinese acupuncture, massage, Chinese herbs.
My focus is using scalp acupuncture to treat central nervous system disorder, paralysis due to stroke, multiple sclerosis, automobile accident and Parkinson's disease and other central nervous system disorders. I am studying from some very accomplished masters in North America to further improve my skills.

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