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Nov 29

Online Articles about Scalp Acupuncture

This page works as an information portal to provide the links to different online articles about scalp acupuncture. The links refer to the online articles from different web sites, personal/professional blogs and online magazines. The list is continuing growing. Hoping you can find the information you need to help you understand scalp acupuncture better.

Articles by Dr. Jason Hao:

Scalp Acupuncture Helps Multiple Sclerosis Into Remission

A new scalp acupuncture clinical case study concludes that acupuncture benefits patients with multiple sclerosis. The study finds that acupuncture relieves the symptoms of multiple sclerosis, increases the patient’s quality of life, slows the

Zhu’s Scalp Acupuncture:

Scalp Acupuncture For Spinal Cord Injury | Health Recovery …

Module 1: Basics of Zhu’s Scalp Acupuncture. History of Scalp Acupuncture; Zhu’s treatment zones: locations, functions and indications; Procedure and techniques. Our experience in treating Spinal Cord Injuries. Case 1: A 21-year-old male …

Complete Recovery from Stroke | Scalp Acupuncture

An ischemic stroke patient shared the story of his recovery. He started Zhu’s Scalp Acupuncture treatment on the 8th day after his stroke and achieved complete recovery.

Articles by other professionals:

Scalp To The Rescue

Scalp acupuncture is a therapy where the needles are applied to parts of the scalp to produce a healing response to a specific problem. Each scalp system is based on a different micro system. The traditional scalp acupuncture we all learned in

Scalp Acupuncture for Stroke

The best-known acupuncture approach for treating stroke symptoms is scalp acupuncture. Similar to auricular (ear) acupuncture, scalp acupuncture views the scalp as a microcosm of the whole body. Regular body acupuncture also includes points on the …


Scalp Acupuncture Effective For Stroke – New Study

Recent clinical research indicates that scalp acupuncture has a positive curative effect on patients suffering from stroke. The researchers document that several major approaches to scalp acupuncture for the treatment of stroke have co-evolved with

Scalp Acupuncture Restores Function After Stroke

Scalp acupuncture enhances neurologic repair and reduces cerebral edema due to an intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH), a type of stroke. Researchers conducted a laboratory experiment on laboratory rats and discovered that acupuncture improves neurologic …

Using Facial and Scalp Acupuncture To Treat Neuromuscular Facial Conditions

My skills in needling the face, the facial muscles, utilizing facial cups and facial Gua Sha tools along with much training in scalp acupuncture have provided me with a framework to treat my patients. By incorporating these different modalities, I have

Acupuncture Stabilizes Dementia Patients

Researchers have discovered that the application of Huatuojiaji (EX-B2) acupuncture points from L2 to L5 combined with scalp acupuncture at Baihui (DU20) and Sishencong produced a total effective rate of 90.5%. Use of the drug Almitrine (Duxil) had a

Scalp Acupuncture! | candesscampbell

Now I am seeing Dr. Song for acupuncture. After I weaned myself from the Hydrocodone from my oral surgery, I took ibuprofen. It helped a little, but my energy was low and my pain was high. When I went to see Dr. Song, …

About the author

Carol Xu

I have been trained in the Traditional Chinese acupuncture, massage, Chinese herbs.
My focus is using scalp acupuncture to treat central nervous system disorder, paralysis due to stroke, multiple sclerosis, automobile accident and Parkinson's disease and other central nervous system disorders. I am studying from some very accomplished masters in North America to further improve my skills.

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