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Dec 10

First shawl went to a 93 yrs old lady

I went to the Calgary Stroke Recovery Association monthly lunchen today. I went there to deliver my gift, a yellow canna shawl to a 93 yrs old lady who doesn’t know her age, and lives in a senior house.

I had done the canna shaw for a while, just waited patiently for the Christmas to come. It’s a perfect gift for someone lives in the senior home. I’m glad she likes it. She kisses my hands few more times after I put the shawl on her shoulders. It was a momen of pleasure in our lives. Hope the shawl will keep her warm and healthy in the senior home.

Following are the photos of the yellow canna shawl.


Also, there were people asked me whehter I had other pieces for sale. Unfortunately, I only had one for now, and couldn’t get others done tomorrow. But I will make more soon.